Originally from Herefordshire, England, United Kingdom, more than five million pedigree Hereford cattle now exist in over 50 countries. The Hereford cattle export trade began from United Kingdom in 1817, starting in Kentucky, United States, spreading across the United States and Canada through Mexico to the great beef-raising countries of South America. Today, Hereford cattle dominate the world scene from Australasia to the Russian steppes. They can be found in Israel, Japan and throughout continental Europe and Scandinavia and the choice of restaurateurs and chefs throughout.

The white face is not the only distinctive feature of Hereford Reserve. Almost 200 years of production cannot be underestimated and these premium cattle produce beef that is succulent and free from additives. They are allowed to grow and mature slowly contributing to nutritious world class beef. In fact Hereford beef has less cholesterol and four times more Omega-3 and antioxidants than conventional beef. The natural marbling melts away during cooking making it unbelievably tender.

Our prized Hereford Reserve Cattle are raised in a natural stress-free environment and is reflected in its great unique taste. We strive to ensure that only the very best meat is brought to the tables of the world.

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