JBS Uruguay work with selected farmer partners with small feedlots concentrating on production of high quality Hereford and Hereford cross steers for Europe. Our feedlot operators and farmers are registered to the Uruguay Feedlot Association and monitored and assisted by federal inspectors and 100% of our Hereford Reserve beef is hormone free.

Hereford Reserve beef is fully traceable to birth through use of electronic ID eartag. Every animal has a passport with movements monitored and recorded, right through its lifetime.

Pasture raised on natural grasslands of traditional Uruguayan farms, and finished on smaller farmer feedlots, our Hereford Reserve cattle enjoy a stress free environment. They enjoy cereal based ration of corn, grain, silage, lucern (alfalfa) and hay. JBS only source Hereford Reserve cattle from farmer feedlots that are 100% EU accredited. Once on the feedlot, the Hereford Reserve cattle are monitored daily for health checks and their feed intake carefully analysed to ensure the finished article is a premium, consistent size and premium quality beef.

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